Phosphate Treat

Algae blooms can place a high demand on the chemicals in your water and cost time and money in clean up. Once we treat the pool we will remove any algae leftover.

Pool repairs & services

Pool equipment and plumbing can be a very complex issue. Our experts will diagnose and properly fix any issue you are having when it comes to heaters, pumps, plumbing etc. 

Pool equipment

We specialize in a multitude of brands and companies and can get you with the right set up to save you money and time. ​​​​​​​


For more than 40 years Galaxy Pools occupies a leading position in the market of maintenance, integrated services and repair of swimming pools.

We abide by our core values

The company operates based on the needs and wishes of its customers.

With us you get undeniable advantages with our personnel. We conduct visits for diagnosis of everything, checking equipment and doing all necessary work. Turning to us, you can be assured of high professionalism and maximum quality of all the performed works. We have vast experience in the maintenance, construction, renovation and sale of a wide variety of pool products in the industry.